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About Us

About Us

Why choose Cormack for your Aircraft ?

At Cormack Islander Aircraft we know Islanders. Our team, between them, have over 100 years of experience of working on Islander aircraft.

We can supply a complete package from aircraft maintenance, repair and surveys, to refurbishment of your aircraft to your requirements or the supply of a totally refurbished Islander aircraft from our stock.

All Islanders refurbished by us are subjected to a complete strip down. This includes the removal of the wing and tail sections of the aircraft. Parts are examined as they are removed and labelled for inspection or discarded as required.

The structure is then given a complete clean down internally and externally and assessed for corrosion, defects and previous damage. Previous repairs are assessed against our library of approved repair drawings and where previous unapproved repairs have been carried out, these are marked for re-working during the repair process.

The internal structures are then examined using modern Olympus fibre-scope equipment and techniques by personnel trained by Olympus in the operation of the equipment.

Where areas of corrosion or internal protective treatment deterioration are detected, the area will be opened up for further inspection, even, where required, this involves the complete removal of the skin in that area. As a matter of course, we remove the cabin flooring for cleaning in areas not generally accessible. This also allows us to carry out detailed inspections of the flying control tubes and cables under the floor, an area which is usually in-accessible during maintenance.

All important structural areas are stripped, cleaned and inspected using appropriate non-destructive testing techniques. Any parts showing any signs of wear or damage are discarded and replaced with serviceable or new parts. Flying controls receive the same extensive treatment, with skins being removed and replaced as necessary.

Instruments are checked in our workshops where we can carry out calibration and accuracy checks to a high standard. This will often involve matching a specific transducer to an instrument for better accuracy. All wiring is carefully inspected and assessed and replaced, as necessary. Damaged or previously repaired wiring is assessed and replaced, as necessary.

All components are checked for their life remaining and any components near the end of their life replaced with serviceable items.

A detailed study of the aircraft's historical records is carried out and a detailed listing compiled of the aircraft modification, Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directives status. At this time, all applicable Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives are complied with.

Once we are happy that the aircraft is as clean and free of corrosion, we re-assemble it and embody any customer options.

Following the completion of all work, each aircraft is given an extensive Test Flight to prove systems and performance.

Finally the aircraft is completely stripped of paint and finished to the customer supplied paint scheme at a BN approved paint shop. Please note, all stock aircraft are finished all over in white.

Here at Cormack Islander Aircraft, we pride ourselves in our refurbishments in that, we produce a rebuilt aircraft completed to a very high standard which will appear in 'as new' condition with the saving of approximately 50% of an equivalent factory new aircraft.

When the aircraft departs our facility, this need not be the end of our relationship as we can provide maintenance support, Continuing Airworthiness Management, all to the latest CAA and EASA requirements.

We can also provide AOG spares support from our extensive stock holding of parts which include wing, tail plane, elevator, ailerons, undercarriages, engines, almost anything you would ever need.

So if you are considering purchasing an Islander then why not contact us with your requirements.

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